Shave Ice Neon Spoon Straws

  • Comes in a clear box of assorted neon colors
  • Spoon straws help eliminate a separate spoon and straw for shave ice
  • Comes in 200 straws per box


Shave Ice Flower Cups

  • Flower shave ice cups are the most popular shave ice cups on the market today
  • Available in assorted color sleeves of 300 pieces or 6 colored sleeves of 1,800 pieces
  • Available in 6 attractive colors of red,blue,green,yellow,orange,and purple

  • Catches messy syrup drippings
  • Flower shave ice sups prevent the customer from spilling their shave ice while they eat it. The cup also lets customer stand the shave ice on the table.

  • Better insulation against heat which melts the shave ice
  • Less flimsy than the standard paper cone cups
  • Increases the value of the shave ice thus producing better yields for your business
  • All of our cups are quality guaranteed. They are not imitations products.

Small Flower Cup Size




Medium Flower Cup Size (Lily or Regular)


Pouring Bottle Spout

Available Colors: Blue/Green/Yellow/Red/Clear/Black


Pouring Bottle

Plastic pouring bottle helps pouring syrup easier. Plastic bottles are safer than glass.


Plastic Gloves

Plastic gloves used for clean handling of shaved ice. Comes in large size. 500 pcs per box.


6oz Paper Cone Cups

6oz Paper Cone Cups


6oz Paper Cone Cups

6oz Paper Cone Cups


Gallon Shave Ice Syrups

  • No Mixing Necessary!
  • 5 Pounds of Sugar and Flavor Added For You!
  • Choose from over 50+ Flavors


Hawaiian Snow Flavor List

    • Choose from our 50+ Flavors!
    • Made to Order Only!
  • Please CLICK on image for FULL LIST