Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Breeze Machine

A successful re-introduction of the tubular heating element floss machine Gold Medal made back in the 60s. Laser technology, improved motor and heat control design makes the nearly permanent candy floss heating element a viable cotton candy machine. Probably the ideal machine to rent when the operator is not the same person as the owner. Stainless steel cabinet, Aluminum floss bowl and Whirlgrip stabilizer. 1200 Watts, 115 Volts. Ship weight 34 lbs.


  • Stainless Steel band
  • Permanent Floss Head
  • 1/10 Horsepower Motor
  • Carbon Brushes
  • Increased Production


$55.00 per day or weekend

Whirl Grip Floss Stabilizer

Patented design keeps cotton candy from flying out of the pan. The plastic screening material is held tightly in 6 places, with space behind it between the clips. The floss adheres to the screening to make spinning a cotton candy cone very easy. A must for every cotton candy operator. Six clips included. For use with all floss pans.


Floss Bubble

Flat Flange. Perfect for trailer mounting or built-in stands.


Floss Double Bubble - Pink

Made from durable, food safe, LLDPE plastic (linear low density polyethylene).


Floss Double Bubble - Blue

Made from durable, food safe, LLDPE plastic (linear low density polyethylene).


Floss Double Bubble

Simply sets on the top rim of any 26″ (66 cm)outside diameter floss bowl. Helps control floss and used for safety. Ideal for #42040NM Non-Metallic, White Floss Bowl. Not recommended for Whirlwind, Tornado, and Super Floss machines.


  • Fits both 42040 and 42040NM Floss Bowls
  • PETG Copolyester or Polycarbonate–Food Grade



Cotton Candy Plain Sticks

Cotton Candy Cones are the strongest cones available. We start with tough fiber Southern Kraft paper and our triple-wrap at the handle end assures you the strongest cone available.

$7.00/100 $60.00/case of 1000

Quik-Pak Ferris Wheel 10 Bags 10-100bag headers/cs

Our most popular 8″ x 4″ x 18″ (20 x 10 x 46 cm). Quik Pak header, 1000 per cs.

$9.00/bundle 100

Plain Quik Pak Bags 1000/cs

12″ x 18″ (30 x 46 cm) Unprinted, clear FDA approved Cotton Candy plastic bags.

$7.50/100 $65.00/case of 1000 (with ties)

Flossine 12 Plastic Containers/cs

Most large amusement parks use Flossugar, however, many professional midway operators simply add about one or two heaping tablespoons Flossine™ to every 10 lbs. of regular granulated sugar. Mix thoroughly and it’s ready to use. Flossine™ has been a favorite of professional Cotton Candy operators since Gold Medal introduced it in 1948. Flossine™ absolutely will not clog the ribbon heating elements. However, be careful of the sugar you mix with – some contains corn starch which will clog the ribbons! Flossine gives your Cotton Candy the proper look – the proper aroma – and a great taste in every flavor! Be sure to change colors every time you fill the floss head. A variety of colors helps you sell more. Packed in 1 lb. jars. Flavor List:

#3451CN Vanilla Pink
#3452CN Cherry Red
#3453CN Blue Raspberry
#3454CN Strawberry Pink
#3455CN Grape Purple
#3457CN Lemon Yellow
#3458CN Orange
#3459CN Bubble Gum
#3460CN Watermelon
#3461CN Pina Colada
#3462CN Banana
#3466CN Green Apple
To order a master case of 12 jars, omit “CN” after item number.


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